Business activities of the TTC investment group in modern technologies are carried out through subsidiaries with a strong professional and economic background. TTC MARCONI and TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE offer cutting edge ICT and telecommunication solutions for the energy industry, transportation, public administration and security forces. TTC TELSYS develops and supplies advanced electronics for elevator control and on-line TouchGuard guard patrol system. TTC TELEPORT operates two data centres, DC2 is even the largest collocation centre in the Czech Republic. We supply our products and services to more than 40 countries worldwide.

AWOS is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial electronics in Central Europe, and the affiliated companies ANETE and ApS Brno are among the major providers of catering and accommodation systems. We supply our products and services to more than thirty countries worldwide. – Since 2022, the newly established company TTC NOVIQ, which deals with data analysis and processing, has also become the part of the group, as well as the Brno-based company Mycroft Mind and newly established companies TTC MOBILE and TTC apki since 2023.

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  • TTC MARCONI and TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE operate on European telecommunication markets as system integrators and significant suppliers of new generation communication networks primarily for the energy sector, telecommunications, transportation, public administration and defence and security.

  • TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE holds a certificate from the Czech Ministry of Defence, certificate from the National Security Authority and certificate from NATO for access to confidential information on the “SECRET” level. 

  • TTC TELSYS is a technology company developing and manufacturing electronics for controlling and operating elevators, which are installed in thousands of facilities throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. For the construction of new lifts or complete modernization of existing lifts, it offers a comprehensive range of control electronics including all necessary electrical components.

  • TTC TELEPORT is one of the largest providers of data centre services in Central and Eastern Europe.
    It operates two collocation centres, the TTC DC2 data centre with its 34 data rooms and 4,000 m² of customer premises is the largest data centre in the Czech Republic. Data centres are ready for customers with various level of requirements for security and scope of services, ranging from banks and corporations to family-owned companies or tradesmen. 

  • TTC CONTROLS is a provider of modern communication technologies for railway vehicles. In 2020, the company took over the activities of UniControls, which has long been one of the most important European suppliers of these technologies.

  • TTC NOVIQ is focused on data analytics, primarily in the field of decentralized energy and transport.

  • TTC MOBILE is Czech technology company with its own development centre focuses primarily on the use of 5G mobile networks for applications in transport, energy and critical communications. Its key activity is the development and production of applications for critical communications over mobile and radio networks.

  • The company TTC apki was created through the spin-off of the ICT services division from TTC TELSYS. It focuses on the creation of applications that help to optimize workflows and digitize business processes, ensure greater safety of employees in operations, significantly reduce the consumption of paper and office suppliers, thus supporting an environmentally friendly approach.

  • ReFoMa is a Slovak consulting and advisory company focused on information and cyber security.

  • ANETE is a software company focused on the development of applications and services for all types of catering and accommodation services.

  • ApS Brno has a long-term focus on the development of information systems in the field of catering and accommodation, complex supplies of audiovisual equipment and company computer training.

  • AWOS is a traditional Czech company that focuses on the development and production of industrial electronics. In this field, the company is one of the largest independent Czech manufacturers that provides comprehensive solutions – everything from design and development of HW/FW, and prototyping to serial production and service.

  • Mycroft Mind was founded as a spin-off of the Masaryk University in Brno and is currently one of the leading companies in the field of big data processing and analysis.


The TTC investment group is the owner of 89,000 m² of administrative, technology and storage premises in Prague and the Hradec Králove region. In addition, we offer a lease of two film studios in Prague 5 with the total area of nearly 1,500 m². In addition, we search for other investment opportunities in real estate, primarily of commercial nature.

The real estate activities of TTC, including the management of individual sites owned by the TTC group, is represented by the joint-stock company TTC REAL ESTATE.

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  • Through TTC Real Estate, the group administers most real estate premises owned by the group and provides for their lease and ongoing renovations and modernisations. Premises are located in several localities in Prague 5 and Prague 10 and in Trutnov.

  • Are you looking for suitable premises for filming or commercial shoot? STUDIO JINONICE is located in an attractive part of Prague 5, calm environment with sufficient parking spaces. At present, it offers two studios with usable area of almost 1,500 m². STUDIO JINONICE is regularly used by Czech TV stations (ČT – Vyprávěj series, Prima – Přístav series, Nova- Tvoje tvář má známý hlas) and foreign productions. STUDIO JINONICE has been part of the real estate portfolio of the TTC investment group since 2007.

  • TTC ATRIUM manages the large administrative and production site in Trutnov, consisting of a complex of interconnected and independent buildings with a total usable area of more than 17,000 m2.