Business Activities and Investments in Modern Technologies

“We are ready, in terms of expertise and capital, to further expand our business activities in modern technologies, by the development of individual companies and in the form of acquisitions. We are primarily interested in companies and start-ups operating in identical or related segments in which we could use synergistic effects. In related areas, we are interested in safety and security, energy sector, development of SW and HW and manufacturing and maintenance of elevators or elevator components.”

Josef Šelepa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TTC HOLDING, a.s. for business activities in modern technologies

Are you looking for a strategic partner with a strong capital and professional background or an investor for your start-up? Contact us. At present, we use our ICT companies to focus predominantly on cutting-edge communication solutions and services of collocation centres, however, we are open to other opportunities. Our investments have a long-term character, we continue our business activities in individual segments and and develop them. Given this approach, entities in the TTC group are an attractive and stable employer.


TTC MARCONI and TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE operate on European telecommunication markets as system integrators and significant suppliers of new generation communication networks. They offer solutions primarily for the energy sector, telecommunications, transportation, public administration and defence and security. Upon their incorporation, these companies aimed to build on the tradition and top professional level of the former Výzkumný ústav telekomunikací (Telecommunication Research Institute); at present, their products and system solutions represent technological excellence in the Czech Republic. TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE holds a certificate from the Czech Ministry of Defence which authorises it for design works and development, maintenance and repairs of army aviation terrestrial radio-communication and computer facilities. In addition, the company is the holder of the certificate from the National Security Authority and certificate from NATO for access to confidential information on the “SECRET” level.


TTC TELEPORT is one of the largest providers of data centre services in Central and Eastern Europe. At present, the company operates two collocation centres, the TTC DC2 data centre with its 34 data rooms and 4,000 m² of customer premises is the largest data centre in the Czech Republic. Data centres are ready for customers with various level of requirements for security and scope of services, ranging from banks and corporations to family-owned companies or even tradesmen. TTC TELEPORT has operated on the market since 2001 and has experienced employees who do their work in the best possible quality. For customers, TTC data centres are a synonym of highest quality and first-class support.


TTC TELSYS is a technology company developing and manufacturing electronics for controlling and operating elevators, which are installed in thousands of facilities throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. For the construction of new lifts or complete modernization of existing lifts, it offers a comprehensive range of control electronics including all necessary electrical components.


TTC CONTROLS focuses primarily on the development, production and installation of control and information systems in the railway transport field. The company is one of the leading suppliers of this type of equipment in the Czech Republic, as well as many other countries. After acquiring the commercial operations of UniControls at the end of 2020, TTC CONTROLS took over the brand and its entire activities, thus strengthening TTC CONTROLS´ position in supplying technological equipment in the railway industry.






ReFoMa is a Slovak consulting and advisory company focusing on information and cyber security. It provides its customers with a wide range of IT services – from the initial analysis and design of infrastructure through its configuration to external management. The company also offers security audits, penetration tests and other services focusing on verification and ongoing monitoring of cyber-attacks on the customer’s critical infrastructure.


AWOS is one of the leading independent manufacturers of electronic equipment (especially industrial electronics), and is currently one of the largest manufacturers in this field in the Czech Republic. It offers its customers comprehensive solutions from design and development of HW/FW, and prototyping to serial production and service. Its customers include companies from the energy, food, consumer electronics, telecommunications, defence, automotive and healthcare industries.

ANETE and ApS Brno

With the integration of ANETE and ApS Brno, the TTC group has become the largest provider of catering and accommodation systems for universities, and the second largest provider of catering systems in the healthcare sector. Today, more than half a million end customers use ANETE and ApS Brno solutions for payments and identification. Their customers include catering operations of all types and specialisations, as well as organisations who require payment and identification systems. For these customers, they create complex information systems, including support for marketing, business, and economic management.


The newly established company TTC NOVIQ provides consulting and project services focused on managing the development, operation and security of large-scale transmission networks, IT systems and services. It operates mainly in the transport, energy and industrial segments.


Mycroft Mind is one the leading companies in the field of big data processing and analysis. The company has developed its own software platform, DataGenie, for collecting and processing data from large-scale sensor networks. The platform covers the entire lifecycle, from collecting data from sensors and meters in the field to validation and advanced analytical processing.

TTC apki

The company TTC apki was created through the spin-off of the ICT services division from TTC TELSYS. It focuses on the creation of applications that help to optimize workflows and digitize business processes, ensure greater safety of employees in operations, significantly reduce the consumption of paper and office suppliers, thus supporting an environmentally friendly approach.


TTC MOBILE is Czech technology company with its own development centre focuses primarily on the use of 5G mobile networks for applications in transport, energy and critical communications. Its key activity is the development and production of applications for critical communications over mobile and radio networks.

Real estate business and investments in real estate

“We are planning further real estate acquisitions both in the territory of the capital and outside of Prague. We see the potential of the future development of real estate business in the TTC investment group also in our own development projects.”

Ivan Strouhal, Director of Real Estate Business Development in TTC HOLDING, a.s.

The TTC investment group is the owner of a number of administrative premises where entities from the group and more than 120 tenants have their offices. We make investments in real estate, identically as in modern technologies, with a plan of long-term development. We seek for suitable investment opportunities in Prague and other towns in the Czech Republic. Do you own a real estate that would be a suitable part of our real estate portfolio? Contact us.

Real estate business TTC

Investment activities consisting in the search for suitable opportunities for acquisitions and their subsequent implementation, have been concentrated in the parent company TTC HOLDING. TTC Real Estate, which focuses on the administration, lease, renovations and modernisation of most real estate owned by the TTC group, plays an important role in real estate business activities.

The group is the owner of several real estate premises in Prague and Trutnov with approximate floorspace exceeding 89 thousand m². We are predominantly interested in administrative, warehouse and manufacturing premises in the entire territory of the Czech Republic. In 2017, two significant premises were added to our portfolio, specifically premises of Svoboda printing works in Prague-Malešice (approximate floorspace of 36 thousand m²) and manufacturing and administrative premises in the centre of Trutnov (space of approximately 17 thousand m²).

In Prague’s Malešice, the group is also currently preparing the OXYMA technology centre project, which, once completed, should become a natural landmark of the newly emerging technology park. Our ambition is to build premises and facilities here that will make Malešice one of the most important innovation centres in Prague and the Central Bohemia Region.