TTC MARCONI and TTC MOBILE Become Official Partners of STREAMWIDE

TTC MARCONI and TTC MOBILE, leading providers of technology solutions in critical infrastructure and critical communication, entered into commercial representation agreements with STREAMWIDE, a global leader in software technology for critical communication and crisis scenarios.

The goal of this partnership is to offer Czech customers in the field of critical communication advanced STREAMWIDE solutions that are based on the advantages of using 5G networks. These are primarily voice, data, video and location services gathered in one real-time solution. This will strengthen TTC group’s competence in delivering applications and services using emerging 5G technologies.

“Currently, mobile crisis communication is based primarily on TETRA and TETRAPOL standards, which however do not allow the transmission of a large amount of data or video. The solution is Mission Critical services (MCX), a broadband critical communication application built on a basic 4G and 5G infrastructure,” says Martin Bajer, Director of Business Development at TTC MARCONI, adding: “MCX applications are mainly used by police, firefighters, emergency services and critical infrastructure operators, who rely on critical communication. The new standard for mobile communication on the railway, FRMCS, is also based on MCX services.”

2024 Olympic Games with MCX services

STREAMWIDE´s MCX solution is a part of the French Ministry of Interior´s RRF (Réseau Radio du Futur – Radio Network for Future). The aim of the project is to provide mobile critical broadband services for security and emergency services, replacing the existing solution based on TETRAPOL narrowband services. The RRF project will supply secure, priority 4G and 5G connectivity to support the needs of modern communications, in particular data and video.

The broadband MCX standard will therefore play a key role also during the summer Olympics in 2024. The initial networks in France will focus on the places that will be used during one of the most important international sporting events.